Monday, June 29

Vermont weekend

We went to Vermont for a couple days this past weekend to visit some friends. Gabe has an amazing house on a hill with a huge garden. Maisy has met him before, but she hasn't seen him in a while and she took a huge liking to him. She was his shadow the entire time.

The weather called for storms both days, but we were lucky to have a nice dose of sun on the first day, so frolicking in the grass seemed just right.

The farmer's market was filled with delightful aromas and delicious treats. The strawberries were heavenly.

I was also able to score some lavender rose kombucha (after many samples of other flavors, this was by far the most complex and tasty!). I loved how it wasn't too fizzy or too weak. It was a perfect little baby bear of kombuchas, and now I have a whole quart of it to myself.

We did get rain on our last day, and we were lucky enough to spot a rainbow on the drive home. It was a nice-but-short diversion from the daily routine, but now we're back in the studio building inventory for the upcoming leave that we'll be taking once the new baby arrives.

Thanks for supporting our Etsy sale! I'm still adding more miniatures daily, so keep checking back for new creatures and colors.

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