Wednesday, June 3

Renegade Brooklyn Preparations

This week is geared toward getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. I hope you all are planning on a visit if you're in the area! We always have a fun time at these shows, even with 'extreme' weather that we encountered at last year's fair. Below, a bit of the aftermath...

We're also very sad to say that we won't be able to participate in this year's Renegade SF show! :( We have the opportunity to move into a 3-bedroom apartment, and with the arrival of Maisy's sibling in September we feel like we can't pass this up. Our tiny attic apartment is nice, but it will be great to have a room to spare when the "help" visits (i.e., the grandmothers!). The move-in dates just happen to fall right between the LA and SF shows, but luckily we can still swing the LA show on July 11-12.

We had such an amazing time at Renegade SF last year--it's our favorite city! Show was fun, people were supportive and friendly, sales were fantastic, AND it was Maisy's very first Renegade!

We will miss you, San Francisco, but we hope to see you again next year.

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