Monday, October 27

New item idea!

I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner... I just added a new item to my Etsy shop. It is a mystery pack of 3 badges that I consider 'seconds'. These badges are most likely slightly mis-shapen, but some are just a little too small or too large to fit into the regular family of badges. I sold these at the Bazaar Bizarre a few years ago, and they did very well. I have even thoughtfully packaged them for you so as not to reveal their colorful badge-ness. Perhaps they'd make a nice stocking stuffer come December. :) I hope you enjoy... otherwise look for them at this year's Boston BazBiz!

Monday, October 20

Fall and the Family

We got to visit with many good friends this past weekend, and I forgot all about the business for a couple of days. It's always nice to have an excuse to get away, and when it's with friends in the Fall (in the Catskills) what could be better? It was a perfect opportunity to snap a few shots of Maisy in her first year of walking through the forest. I love how she looks like she's actually using her prized stick as a walking stick (what a born hiker!):

Though this lovely weekend has past, it's onward full-force toward the holidays, isn't it? Upon our return I promptly added more ornaments to the Etsy site, and shipped off the most recent orders (way to go!).

I can't believe that October is coming to a close soon, and that the weather has gotten so chilly. Here's to hoping you had a delightful Fall weekend, as well.

Friday, October 17

Here's to a great weekend ahead

We're about to leave for a much needed get-together with friends, but I wanted to post that I've begun to add a couple of the ornaments from the Art Star show to my Etsy site. You can check them out here, or wait a few days when I'll be adding more...
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14

SOWA market

Big thanks to Tomoko of Tadworks for sharing her booth space with us last Sunday! I had a fantastic time chatting and soaking in the sunshine... talking shop and fanny-packs, smelly food and cute babies... and watching the hula-hoopers (correct word?) across the way. Tomoko seemed like she wanted part of the action, but I think my camera threats may have swayed her decision. Here are a few images from the beautiful day:

Tomoko and her goods:
My little display:
Hula-hoop corner:

And if you also want to laugh at my fanny-pack, visit this image.

We also happened to be situated right next door to Pogibabies, who made Maisy a lovely little hat a few months back. Check out her Etsy shop! She is an excellent crafter of hats for the little ones in your life.

And as promised, there is a small sale happening over on my site and Etsy site! Badges are just $5 (marked down from $9) and miniature pendants are only $15! These are prices I have at shows, and I decided to extend the in-person discount to all of you not in the Boston area on Sunday. Enjoy! (sale ends tomorrow!)

Saturday, October 11

Visit us!

Just a quick-type post to let you know that we're sharing a booth with the wonderful Tomoko of Tadworks tomorrow at SOWA Market in Boston! This was sort of last-minute, weather- and health-pending, but right now it's a-go. Hope to see some smiling faces there, should be a delightful New England fall day! :)

(next up: small sale honoring booth prices to come next week!)

Wednesday, October 1

And what a lovely book it is

I received my copy of Handmade Nation in the mail yesterday, and it is so beautiful. I haven't been able to sit down and give it a thorough reading just yet, but I'm so impressed by everyone who contributed (not to pat myself on the back or nothin). Nikki McClure, Jill Bliss, Jenine Bressner, to name but a few who inspire me... to peek inside everyone's studios is fascinating. I love looking at the set-up, colors and organization of fabrics, pens, etc. [It's the little things.] Great job, Faythe and Cortney!

Okay, so Maisy wanted her Goodnight Moon routine back, but give her a few years and she'll be down with diy.