Monday, June 15

And just like that...

Our summer shows are over. We finished yesterday with our last retail show of the summer, the Mass Market at Mass Art. Since I forgot my camera, I give you their lovely image of the poster designed by Brian Butler:

Though we were looking forward to the West Coast shows, I think we made the right decision considering everything going on in July. If you are a retailer or know of a retailer (spread the word!), we will be participating in the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia on August 1-3.

Also, I just stumbled upon the Second Storie show via Whip Up. We will probably apply for this, being that Rochester, NY just happens to be one of our favorite cities, and the handy grandparents-who-babysit just happen to live a do-able drive away. Just wanted to share the link (it's been around a couple of years, but sadly we're a bit out of the loop!). We love Rochester!

Hope you all had a great weekend ;)


shanna murray said...

We hope you do apply, we're big fans!

happyowlglass said...

Thanks! I hope we do, too, we love Rochester--we're just waiting to see how much we'll have on our plate in November (expecting a new baby in September!). :)