Wednesday, June 10

Brooklyn in a nutshell. Now we're tired!

Brooklyn Renegade was a fantastic show in so many ways: the weather, the people, our sign...

We had a solid line of traffic both days. At first the increased size of the venue worried us. The sheer vastness of the event could have resulted in watered down sales, but in that last hour on Sunday we nearly sold out of nightlights. Somehow, though, we couldn't move that last lonely owl.

Our display received lots of compliments – always nice to hear. We hacked off some slabs of cordwood and made use of an old type-set organizer for some items.

There were plenty of old friends selling their wares. We dropped by our good pal Dabney at Mogo to discuss their amazing home renovation. Check out the project on their blog if you haven't already.

Kitty-corner to our booth, Alison Tauber was selling her fantastic clothing line. Tracy's stacked up two of Alison's shirts in less than a month.

We also stumbled upon some great new-to-us vendors. Our favorite was Mandalina Rossa who creates a colorful, fun, yet meticulous line of children's clothing. Fitting considering her own cheerful persona.

We also were visited by some old pals who we haven't seen in a long time. So nice to have surprise visitors! Many thanks to everyone who stopped by on that sunny weekend.

So after a successful weekend we're now trying to drag ourselves back into the daily work routine. Our Etsy site has opened back up, with our regular seconds and one-offs at discount prices. Over at you'll find the rest of our items.

Finally, if you're in Boston this weekend drop by the MassMarket show this Sunday the 14th from 11am to 6pm. We'll be there for another round of person-to-person sales!


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