Saturday, June 20

Busy week

This week has flown by, with lots of preparations for the current weekend and a fun diversion thrown into the mix...

Getting ready for Father's Day, I had to plan around a certain toddler's birthday--which happens to be the exact same day. In addition, my mom is coming to town to spend time with Miss 2-year-old Maisy. It will be a busy and fun weekend, I'm sure (and hopefully not too rainy, as the forecast says).

Late in the week I got together with my friend Tomoko of Tadworks. I haven't seen her in a long time, as she took an extended trip to Japan, so it was delightful to hang out with her. She even cooked me what she considered to be a 'light lunch' but I felt like a princess when I arrived seeing the food she prepared. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera to photograph the spread, but let's just say that plantains are one of my favorite foods, and the chicken was heavenly. To top it off, she made homemade chocolate pudding... you can't do much better for this pregnant lady! We also had a great time perusing the food-goods at Russo's in Watertown, too. Now I know where to get galangal and banana blossoms in the area.

Oh and did I mention that I moved studios this week? Whew. It's been crazy. The place where I sublet is a bit funky, and my landlord required a space to showcase her own work. Since I don't need such a nice, appropriate-for-retail space I am moving to the far, back corner. It's different, but I'm up for the challenge and change. Below, my former, lovely light-filled space:

The empty corner that I moved into:

It's not quite "finished". It doesn't have quite as much character as the other corner, but as I mentioned I'm up for the change. And at least I only had to switch corners, and not studios completely.

Have a great weekend, and a Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

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