Monday, July 6

Monday, and the sun is shining

We had a great holiday weekend, and hope that you did, too! The sun finally decided to shine, which gave us a chance to spend time outside (without getting wet and muddy). Canoeing, swimming, and multiple stops at the playground... good times. Couldn't ask for anything more (oh yeah, and we also participated in a requisite holiday bbq).

In biz news, I've added loads more miniatures to the Etsy site! Looking for a particular creature? Check out the list below and see if your favorite is for sale!

bat (white), bat (brown)
damselfly (orange), damselfly (yellow), damselfly (blue)
dog (pink), dog (orange), dog (green)
elephant (yellow)
fawn (blues), fawn (blue), fawn (red)
fox (blue)
frog (orange), frog (pink), frog (green)
giraffe (blue)
kiwi (blue)
ladybug (red)
lamb (green)
lemming (pink)
markhor (green), markhor (lilac), markhor (blue)
moose (yellow)
mountain goat (lilac)
naked mole-rat (blue), naked mole-rat (aqua)
okapi (red)
orangutan (orange)
owl (aqua), owl (green), owl (teal)
penguin (greens), penguin (sparkly green)
pig (aqua)
platypus (green)
pufferfish (lilac)
rabbit (pink)
reindeer (pink)
rhino (aqua), rhino (orange)
robin (pink), robin (aqua), robin (green)
seahorse (red)
snake (yellow)
squid (aqua)
squirrel (red)
vulture (blue)
walrus (purple)

I have also been diligently working on re-finishing this old children's desk.

The metal was chipped everywhere, from having lived outdoors for years, and the wood was in poor shape. Once it's complete I'll post again--I'm having fun on my first spray paint project!

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