Thursday, May 14

Twist Fair Northampton!

A couple weeks back we did this new show we've never done before, the Twist Fair in Northampton, MA. We'd heard nothing-but-good so we had our sights relatively high. Luckily it turned out to be a solid show and though the weather threatened rain all weekend, we were spared and it turned out to be a lovely day on Saturday! Here is the booth in all its glory

There was even an afternoon lull where I got out for a walk in the sunshine and visited Liz of Sticks and Bricks:

Her shop was so nice--Liz refinishes furniture and I was all envy when I walked in (have I mentioned my desire to learn re-upholstering and furniture fixer-upping?).

We were situated between two of the best neighbors, both of which we'd never met before. Stage-left was Alison Tauber who screenprints her beautiful designs on the softest tees (I managed to score one by show's end). Stage-right was Twigs and Heather, who make fantastic jewelry--some of my favs are the maple seeds and twigs. They'll both be participating in the Renegade Brooklyn show, so hopefully we'll see some of you there!

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