Tuesday, May 26

Holiday Weekend

Hope that everyone had a decent holiday weekend, without much in the way of traffic or bad weather. It was pleasant here in New England--a nice break from the heatwave that hit us earlier in the week. Maisy even got to play in the sprinkler, which she loves beyond words (or squeals, rather):

I got a lot done in the past few days. I've been stumbling over display for the shows this summer, so upon lots of pondering last week I took a shopping trip to a few places to snag some supplies. I'll post photos in the next few weeks. Since my studio is still a mess, I'm going to wait to clean it up to really dive into some serious display experiments.

I also took photos of some of the samples from my Woodland Pendant series. I've begun listing them on Etsy, and just a few are shown below. Many of them are just one-off color samples that I love, but they didn't fit into the final series.

I hope they find good homes over the next few months! I'll also be peddling them at shows this summer.

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