Monday, May 11

Happy Owl Grand Re-opening

You may have noticed a certain lack of blog postings as of late. We have a few good excuses. Really.

For one, we've been earnestly toiling away at a completely new site design!

As a result of some wonderful collaboration with Aeolidia and numerous late nights of monitor work, we are now the proud owners a user-friendly that is chock full of handy features. Some of our favorites include:

> A wishlist function that allows you to share your favorite Happy Owl treats with clueless friends and family. Perfect for thwarting boring socks and discount novels as last minute gifts.

> Gift certificates in any amount! Can't decide if your friend would prefer the skunk or the elephant shrew nightlight? Send them a gift certificate by snail mail or email.

> A site-specific search engine. Need an okapi gift A.S.A.P.? Just type Okapi into the search field and see what pops up!

These are just a few of the extras we've piled on. We're also excited by all of the time this new site will save us on the back-end of things. With its inventory and coupon capabilities we can track our items more easily and setup special sales whenever the mood strikes. Be sure to visit often to catch one!

The time-saving is a big help as we're also working on other things in the Happy Owl workshop. We're excited about the arrival of another little Owlet in the near future to join the family. Expect some downtime from the site around Labor Day!

We hope you enjoy the new site. As always, be in touch with comments and questions!


carryboo said...

Yay! Congrats on the redesign, and on the new kiddo!

happyowlglass said...

Thank you Mary! Good to hear from you and wondering how you've been!? Hope all is well :)