Friday, May 29

Sourdough diversion

Totally un-glass-related: I've recently started a sourdough starter. Again. A couple years back I intended to try to recreate Cheese Board pizza. While I never expected it to be exactly like their delicious pies, I thought they passed quite well. Helping us clean our apartment that summer before a move was my mother-in-law (bless her helpful heart), who threw out what she thought was a moldy, nasty substance in our fridge. I was so sad when I found out that she tossed my sourdough starter that I'd worked on for months and thought I finally got right. I haven't tried again until now. This starter recipe I got online and I'm so happy I found the Wild Yeast blog. So far my concoction is growing splendidly. View the stinky sour bubbles!

My first thought was to make bread, but I forgot that my stone broke a few months ago. And since I'm too anxious to make something, I opted for an English Muffin recipe I could cook up that night. The more sour the better, for me, so I chose this "tangy" version...

I love how they cooked up! While they weren't filled with nooks and crannies like I'd hoped (probably due to my over-kneading), the flavor was delicious. It's getting humid out here in New England, why not try to start your own? Hope you all have a great weekend!

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