Thursday, June 5

What are we forgetting

Yesterday was a lovely visit with Tomoko. It was rainy but the company made the afternoon cheery. We ate at a neighborhood cafe (local for her) that served up some delicious food, especially their desserts...

Maisy agrees. But we went with the Jamaica rather than the Black Forest! Sorry, Maisy. Maybe next time!

Today, gloomy weather again. But we're slowly getting ready for our departure this Tuesday. Lots of things to check off our list. Some items are not necessary... pasta machine? Yes. This may get pushed aside to make room for more important stuff though. But I had visions of making homemade pasta at some random KOA in the Great Plains. It would certainly pass the time nicely!


tomoko said...

Past machine...?? ahahah
Seriously, I'd say YES.

happyowlglass said...

Nice idea, right? Or could be a disaster... but worth a shot, I think!