Wednesday, June 11

And somehow, we left...

After three grueling days of last-minute preparations, we finally departed and reached our first leg of the cross-country trip. Though modest — a six-hour drive to upstate NY — it was a smooth launch with many hours passed playing the "hypothetical game". Several mind-stretching dilemmas were presented such as:

- Out of all your friends, who would you ask to cook your last meal?
- Would you rather suffer from eternal hunger or eternal need to go to the bathroom?
- Given one-week and unlimited funding for a solo trip, where would you go?

I'm a bit worried that we've pulled out such games this early in the trip. Having used up all the obvious questions, who knows what bizarre situations we'll be posing as we drive through Nebraska.

The next few days will be spent at Grandpa and Grandma Bull's as we prep the trailer. Though the sign probably won't stick as we barrel down I-80 at 65mph, it sure looks nice. One can imagine a flock of kids running to their mothers for spending money as they spot us driving through neighborhoods, blasting a twinkley version of Bright Eyes over a loudspeaker...

Maisy will be staying with Grandpa and Grandma for a 3-day vacation as the parents backtrack for the weekend to NYC for the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair; I know... not very productive in our westward journey but we never claimed to be directionally competent.

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