Friday, June 20

News Flash: Ohio Wins!

In the closely watched bid for the East coast "Best Rest Stop Food" title, Ohio triumphed by a painfully wide margin. The losing contenders, New York and Indiana were harshly criticized by the judges with their out-of-date offerings of Hardees & Gloria Jean's Coffee Bean (not to be confused with the pretty-decent Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf...)

Says Ohio:

"We knew we had it clinched with our plentiful offerings of Panera Breads and Starbucks at nearly ever stop. Our competition just doesn't get that Interstate 90 has moved beyond the late 80's/early 90's fare of starch and watered-down coffee."

New York and Indiana refused comment.

A sad attempt at seducing weary travelers...

After two meals of pizza, Maisy had this to report:

Turns out that traveling with a baby is fairly simple if you time your journey to their Circadian rhythms. After a departure from New York two days ago, we found ourselves arriving in the greater Chicago area with relativley few cranky periods along the way. It's a five day rest here as we celebrate Maisy's 1st birthday (tomorrow!) with the grandparents.

This stop also gives us the needed time to install electric brakes on our little Scamp and figure out a new route west since Iowa is underwater. Between this and the honeybee crisis I'm thinking of learning a bit more about stockpiling from the Mormons when we arrive in Utah. Speaking of self-reliance...

Our brief stay in Upstate New York gave Grandpa Bull time to do some "mods" on the Scamp trailer for us. The most important being a crib for little Maisy to sleep in.

We'll test the new jailhouse out tomorrow night as we brave the great wilds of Batavia, IL and camp in Grandpa and Gram-Cheryl's driveway.


tomoko said...

That crib is looking good... I'm impressed, Grandpa Bull.

Glad your travel is going along smoothly! AND happy birthday to Maisy. Woo hoo!

happyowlglass said...

Isn't it sweet? I couldn't have made that if I tried...

Maisy says thank-you for the birthday wish! And she really enjoys her taddie!