Tuesday, June 3

One week to go

Yesterday was great: productive and fun. First I met with Meighan of the blog my love for you is a stampede of horses. Super friendly and hospitable, she introduced me to a fantastic cafe in her neighborhood as well as her lovely doggie Shamus... I'm probably spelling that wrong. Sadly we'll be gone for most of the summer, but hopefully we can meet up again upon our return. In any case you should check out her blog which features some talented, inspiring artists. Tomorrow I'm meeting with Tomoko! Way to be social (as she pats herself on the back).

Yesterday also marked the finish of my last wholesale order for the summer! This is a huge weight off, and now I just have to clean the studio. It's a mess to say the least. Packing inventory to keep the business open on-the-road, as well as display for shows is no small feat. I think I'm almost there, though. Please tell me I'm almost there?


Valou said...

Sounds like you deserve some homemade chocolate chip cookies with a glass of chiraz (my usual reward for surviving crazy Mondays) :p
Thanks for the Alpaca (just the colour I wanted!) and the lovely Giraffe!

happyowlglass said...

Any sort of sweets mixed with liquor is a just reward!

Thanks for your order! Glad you like them. The little ones will be shipping tomorrow :)

dabney said...

wait, is this a blog??!!?? first, google reader, and now a blog?

happyowlglass said...

Oh geez, Dabney, you're killin me!

Hawley Studios said...

Nice set-up! Looks Great!! 8)