Friday, June 13

"She's enthusiastic about packaging"

Just a quick post, as we're setting off for Brooklyn for the Renegade show today. The weather is beautiful. Let's hope that it lasts for the entire weekend!

I've been doing some finishing touches on everything. Have I mentioned that I have a penchant for packaging? I always get excited about those little details. I've had these business-card-sized cards hanging around for years. I bought them to make (you guessed it) business cards, but I made a different design so they've been carted all over the country with no use. I'm so happy they're finally getting some love. I gocco-ed some abstract images from photos that we've taken, and then used them as cards for the new miniature pendants. I'm so happy with the result:

The final pieces:

Hope to see you in Brooklyn this weekend, and have a happy Friday the 13th!

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tomoko said...

Aye~ I'm loving the packaging...
Have a great time at the Renegade!