Wednesday, July 29


Could anything else be piled on our plate? We just finished moving into our new apartment after a short move into the new studio space. We are now preparing for our wholesale show, the Buyer's Market of American Craft, in Philadelphia. If you're a retailer (or know a retailer) please come visit. The show is open to the trade only.

Below are a few photos from our recent apartment move as well as the new studio space.

Building shelves in our "random" room (very excited that a room exists in our new place!)

Completely unsettled, with tons of boxes to unpack. Love the blue wall.

Our new studio space, though it may not show in the photos, is more organized...

View from the glass area down to our owl sign, where we get orders together.

Our Etsy site is closed down for the time that we'll be at the Philly show, but our regular collection is just on delayed-shipping mode. We'll re-open the Etsy site as soon as we return.


annie-san said...

boy, can i relate to the "boxes" photo!

the place looks fabu though! (i love that blue wall, too.)

happyowlglass said...

Thanks! Wondering if you were all unpacked before your trip to VT. I'm betting you have more 'stuff' (i.e., chairs) than us! ;)