Wednesday, July 29


Could anything else be piled on our plate? We just finished moving into our new apartment after a short move into the new studio space. We are now preparing for our wholesale show, the Buyer's Market of American Craft, in Philadelphia. If you're a retailer (or know a retailer) please come visit. The show is open to the trade only.

Below are a few photos from our recent apartment move as well as the new studio space.

Building shelves in our "random" room (very excited that a room exists in our new place!)

Completely unsettled, with tons of boxes to unpack. Love the blue wall.

Our new studio space, though it may not show in the photos, is more organized...

View from the glass area down to our owl sign, where we get orders together.

Our Etsy site is closed down for the time that we'll be at the Philly show, but our regular collection is just on delayed-shipping mode. We'll re-open the Etsy site as soon as we return.

Sunday, July 19

Toddler spy-cam

We've been super busy getting settled into our new apartment. Photos to come! In the meantime, a quick diversion...

We are now in a 2-level apartment, and Maisy has gotten comfortable enough to head upstairs on her own now. Today she went up there and I could hear her singing and chatting to herself, and then it was quiet. Too quiet. So I crept up carefully (camera in-hand of course), and spotted this:

She was cooing "wash hands, wash hands" and giving her baby a bath. So sweet! It's the simple things that entertain me.

Thursday, July 9

Getting ready

Been packing all week, and I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of boxes (even though we're moving right across the street). Witness...

But I've also been packing and shipping orders, thanks to all who've purchased from our regular site and Etsy site during our de-stashing sale!

As mentioned in a previous post, I've been trying my hand at re-finishing this little children's desk for Maisy.

It is old, heavy, and formerly very rusty from being left outside for many years. Sanding it down, then spray-painting the metal and re-staining the wood made it a suitable desk for a kids room--or, our plan, the living room...

I'm so happy with this little diversion, I may just seek out furniture to re-finish now! It was highly satisfying giving new life to this old desk. Maisy really seems to enjoy it!

Have a splendid weekend! We'll be back after the short-but-still-exhausting move.

Monday, July 6

Monday, and the sun is shining

We had a great holiday weekend, and hope that you did, too! The sun finally decided to shine, which gave us a chance to spend time outside (without getting wet and muddy). Canoeing, swimming, and multiple stops at the playground... good times. Couldn't ask for anything more (oh yeah, and we also participated in a requisite holiday bbq).

In biz news, I've added loads more miniatures to the Etsy site! Looking for a particular creature? Check out the list below and see if your favorite is for sale!

bat (white), bat (brown)
damselfly (orange), damselfly (yellow), damselfly (blue)
dog (pink), dog (orange), dog (green)
elephant (yellow)
fawn (blues), fawn (blue), fawn (red)
fox (blue)
frog (orange), frog (pink), frog (green)
giraffe (blue)
kiwi (blue)
ladybug (red)
lamb (green)
lemming (pink)
markhor (green), markhor (lilac), markhor (blue)
moose (yellow)
mountain goat (lilac)
naked mole-rat (blue), naked mole-rat (aqua)
okapi (red)
orangutan (orange)
owl (aqua), owl (green), owl (teal)
penguin (greens), penguin (sparkly green)
pig (aqua)
platypus (green)
pufferfish (lilac)
rabbit (pink)
reindeer (pink)
rhino (aqua), rhino (orange)
robin (pink), robin (aqua), robin (green)
seahorse (red)
snake (yellow)
squid (aqua)
squirrel (red)
vulture (blue)
walrus (purple)

I have also been diligently working on re-finishing this old children's desk.

The metal was chipped everywhere, from having lived outdoors for years, and the wood was in poor shape. Once it's complete I'll post again--I'm having fun on my first spray paint project!