Monday, November 10


This past weekend wrapped up a workshop I took in metalsmithing. I love taking classes that are in materials other than glass but also, if possible, incorporating them into my work. I have no intention on making silver pieces to be part of my line, but it is fun to see the results of mixing the two! This first piece was just a test of my bezel-ing skills. Silversmithing is not my forte, but I'm learning...
It's my naked mole-rat! In capsule form! Wrapped in silver! A fun project with one of my favorite creatures. I made it into a pendant when all was said and done. Silver is so pretty, I just wish I had more time to take more classes! I also made this funny piece:
I call it my "nose pendant". I just chose a random rock and didn't see the nasal connection until I put the bezel on it. I love it!


tomoko said...

nose pendant cracked me up. and the naked mole-rat piece is stunning!

happyowlglass said...

Thanks Tomoko!