Friday, November 21

Avoiding the cold

The past couple of weeks have been filled with sickness and work. Though I was trying to get to my studio as much possible to stock up for the Bazaar Bizarre, Maisy came down with a cold. Then diaper rash. And we were all weathering the storm that comes along with a toddler not sleeping well because of those things. Since then Justin has gotten sick. How can it be that I've managed to escape this virus? I can only think that I'm doomed for a Thanksgiving curled up in bed. Luckily we were going to keep it low-key this year, so it won't be too big of an issue if I end up sick.

To keep my sanity during the lull of everyone around me not feeling well, I started making these lovely ornaments. I was so taken with them when I first saw them, and I had most of the supplies on-hand already. So why not try? Well, I was quickly reminded that I'm by no means adept at embroidering...

I call it my disease ornament (I'll keep this one for myself). There is something about those circles that remind me of sick cells. Plus it seems fitting since I'm currently living in a den of sickness. Hope you are staying healthy this season!


tomoko said...

i like it! ... and sick cells are usually the prettiest.
hope everyone feels better soon!

SisterDG said...

Hey! My Mom writes Gingerbread Snowflakes, and it's so cool to see your ornament made from her tutorial! I think it came out great, and she was thrilled to see it.

happyowlglass said...

Thank you Tomoko and Diane!

Diane--I'm so glad I found your mom's site--they were so beautiful and inspiring. I'll continue making them (made another embarrassing one last night. Will not, however, post that one). Thank her again from me!