Tuesday, October 14

SOWA market

Big thanks to Tomoko of Tadworks for sharing her booth space with us last Sunday! I had a fantastic time chatting and soaking in the sunshine... talking shop and fanny-packs, smelly food and cute babies... and watching the hula-hoopers (correct word?) across the way. Tomoko seemed like she wanted part of the action, but I think my camera threats may have swayed her decision. Here are a few images from the beautiful day:

Tomoko and her goods:
My little display:
Hula-hoop corner:

And if you also want to laugh at my fanny-pack, visit this image.

We also happened to be situated right next door to Pogibabies, who made Maisy a lovely little hat a few months back. Check out her Etsy shop! She is an excellent crafter of hats for the little ones in your life.

And as promised, there is a small sale happening over on my site and Etsy site! Badges are just $5 (marked down from $9) and miniature pendants are only $15! These are prices I have at shows, and I decided to extend the in-person discount to all of you not in the Boston area on Sunday. Enjoy! (sale ends tomorrow!)

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