Wednesday, September 17


Well, it was what seemed like a long time without 'big kiln', but the new kiln arrived and I promptly broke it in:
She works great! I've been working like crazy, stocking up for the busy season and all the shows that go along with it. In addition, I've been making ornaments for the annual show at Art Star. The girls there are so sweet, and I was finally able to meet them this summer (it only took 4 years). Here are my owls in progress...
Top row are the bodies of the birds, and middle row are the head-feathers. Wings are on the bottom, all waiting to be ground down.
Shown above are all the little 'body parts'. I'm very pleased with them so far. Will show a photo of the final works soon. I love doing the ornaments--each one is different and it gives me a chance to take a break from the production line that the rest of my work sometimes feels like. It's like a breath of fresh air, just like this most recent wave of delightful Fall weather in New England.


doeeyes272 said...


I'm glad you're new kiln's working out, and that you're making more ornaments for Art Star (I still need to pick one up). I had a question. You mentioned the craft shows coming up, and I noticed at one point you were listed as a vendor for Crafty Bastards in D.C. However, now you're not listed. Are you still a vendor for CB?

Thanks and keep up the great crafting!

happyowlglass said...

Thank you! I'm oh so sad to say that we had to drop out of Crafty Bastards! :( I've heard such wonderful things about that show, but my husband had a conflict with school that weekend. Hoping to participate next year. Til then we'll have to read the good reviews in everyone's blogs!

doeeyes272 said...

Hey again,

Ah that's too bad :(, but school is more important :). I can't wait until next year then! I've loved your work forever!