Saturday, September 20

All my new little owls

I've finished the ornaments!
Super happy with them. I love how spooky and glazed-over they look in the right light. Now all I need to do is package them and ship them off to Art Star. Hope that everyone is doing well! I know there are a few shows that happened recently are about to happen (namely Renegade Chicago and Crafty Bastards in DC). Wish we could have participated this year, but our plate is just too full. Hope that the weather is fantastic next weekend for Crafty Bastards!


annie-san said...

j'adore these!

happyowlglass said...

Hey girl! Been thinking of you two, and wondering if you've moved into your new digs yet or if it's still being renovated. I have to email you! (Sorry to hear Renegade was so rainy!).

Glad you like the ornaments!