Wednesday, July 16

Renegade Two: A total failure at trying to be a disaster.

For you logic hounds I need not explain that the title of this post equates to a success!

For a first year-launch, it was a pleasant surprise to see so many eager customers join us for two days at the Fort Mason pavilion. While the hours were long, we had support from unlikley sources:

There's our little Maisy selling our miniature pendants - both baby and pendants were a big hit at the show. Maisy took to the sights and sounds like water to a live wire. Much time was spent playing "Ferby" with other like-sized toddlers. It was also nice to see familiar faces to stop and say hello, since our time was limited and schedules were difficult. So thanks, you know who you are!

Sunday provided an extra treat with the appearance of punk-Marching Band, Muccapazza.

They're high energy music moved the afternoon along nicely and made me pine for my neglected trombone - currently sitting in my parent's basement.

While Renegade kept us busy, we did manage to enjoy some other San Francisco pleasures. One important stop was Golden Gate Park where we found an old piece that Tracy designed back in the day. Our crafty friend Heidi managed to help secure a permanent placement for it in the local playground:

To continue our Golden Gate safari, we took a few hundred steps over to the carosouel; a first for Maisy as you can clearly see:

A visit to the bizarrely flavored Bi-Rite Creamery topped off an excellent week in San Francisco. Strawberry/Balsamic was a personal favorite of our clan.

And an extra behemoth thanks to Steve and Heidi for the shelter, company, and laughs!


knestrik said...

Hey Guys!

Glad to see your travels are treating you well. Would you believe I was actually in San Francisco July 13-17?? I'm bummed I missed you guys, and Bizarre Bazaar, but Mike's happy the wallet didn't suffer.

Can't wait to see you (and Miss Maisy) in August!


P.S. Does Maisy want a kids meal for the wedding?

happyowlglass said...

Hi Kirsten!

I'll email you soon! I can't believe you were in SF when we were! We left Monday morning anyway, but it would have been a nice surprise to see your face at Renegade. It was a great show.

Yes to the kids meal. Looking forward to the wedding!!