Tuesday, July 1

If you're ever in Bozeman...

...and yearning for a fly-fishing excursion, be sure to drop by the Bozeman Angler and say hello to our kind friends, Rod and Pam King! I'm sure they'll set you up proper.

The Kings were kind enough to host us our second night in Bozeman. It gave us plenty of time to see how much can change over the course of five years - the last time we set foot in the place. Certain institutions, like the Bozeman Angler and the Co-op are still around but other areas of the "city" have exploded with new growth, both good and bad. I suppose it's hard to keep heaven a secret for too long.

The extra day also answered a burning question for us. Why are there so many friggin' Airstreams in town? We spotted an abnormally high amount at our first night's campground. Come to find out there were over 800 more in town, all gathering for some rally. It caused quite a bit of drool to form out of our mouths as we dragged our little Scamp among these Cadillacs of the trailer world.

Someday we'll blow our retirement money on one. Only need to save upwards of $80,000.

The two-day stop really seemed to give us all the rest we needed for a big hike on Monday. Traveling south via the Gallatin Highway, we passed through West Yellowstone and onward to Idaho: Land of Arco, Idaho.

What does one do in Arco, Idaho? Well, you can marvel at this:

It's been a town tradition to paint the graduating class' year on the "Number Hill" since 1920. I'm not sure if they repaint the old years but you could still see the 20's up there as bright as the '08.

Arco - for your trivia buffs - is well known as:

Which explained the Experimental Breeding Reactor we passed by on the way into town. We thought it was some weird place where they tried to mate pigs and horses.

While the sites of Arco were tempting, we forged on to our pit-stop for the night.

The Craters of the Moon National Monument has to be one of the most bizarre places in America. The area was created by volcanic activity that took place during "The Giant Rift", which I believe is also (dork alert) a Phish song. I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

We highly recommend a visit!

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