Friday, May 30

Glue fumes and Handmade Hats

Stockpiling is one of the hidden "perks" that comes prepping for a summer on the road. The past few evenings have been spent gluing thousands of pinbacks onto our signature Happy Owl Badges while listening to the cynical charms of Joel McHale on The Soup.

How he makes trashy television so fun to watch is beyond me...

Our cross-country trip is being fueled by multiple pursuits. Of course, a major inspiration is the dual-coast participation in the Brooklyn and San Francisco Renegade Craft Fairs but to add to our creative binge the family will make a four day stop in the Bristlecone Pine National Forest to shoot a short film.

Maisy is suffering the fate of most children born into a filmmaking household as she will be starring in the short project. Her first costume item arrived in the mail today - A beautifully constructed hat by Pogibabies!

The muted-yellow is sure to pop among the ancient trees and barren landscape. More details to come soon. In the meantime, glue fumes are calling...

Monday, May 26

Past weekend, a preview of things to come

We went to visit our dear friend Gabe this weekend. He has an amazing place in Vermont, as luck would have it, and we finally got a chance to check it out firsthand. Plus it gave us an opportunity to get Maisy acquainted with the backseat:There she is, seeing the other baby in the mirror. They never get enough of themselves, those fascinating doppelgangers in the magic glass. It was a good test, and she did well. We left just before her morning nap, so she slept nicely. The fact that it was only a 3-1/2 hour trip made it pretty easy, though.

So first stop was in Burlington to see another dear friend, Adam, who would be running in the marathon the next day. We still didn't meet his mysterious girlfriend, so we'll have to keep imagining her from what Adam tells us (model, architect, very Art Vandelay-esque). It's nice to see when your friends like your offspring. Maisy wasn't quite sure of him at first, but she warmed up to the gentle giant eventually.

So here it is... Gabe's plot of land (life could be worse, eh?). House is on a hill on 20 acres, with breathtaking views of the mountains. Congrats on finding this place. We are now all sufficiently jealous.

The sunset view from the balcony:
Thanks, Gabi for a great time. Looks like life is treating you well.

Now it's off to the studio to continue stocking up for the big trip!

Thursday, May 22

New items up

Added some of the new miniatures to our Etsy site! Just a few for now, will add more in the coming days...
Plus the new edition of "Baby Owls" print is up!

Das Buch!

The book that Faythe and Cortney were working on in conjunction with the film, Handmade Nation, is up on Amazon! And Happy Owl Glass is in it!
So excited about it. Can't wait to see it. Thanks Faythe, Cortney, Michaela and the film team for all your hard work. Here is the link to pre-order the book. And visit the Handmade Nation site here.

Wednesday, May 21

Happy Birthday

Miss Maisy is 11 months old today! Happy Birthday, little one...

Tuesday, May 20

Maisy awakens from her nap...

So I must keep this swift!
New pendants on-sale for-sale on the Etsy site:

Monday, May 19


We're celebrating the end of May (and the beginning of summer vacation) with a sale of our Badge-pendants...
Also, drop by the site to see our new dishes! Available in a limited edition of fifty, this is the first in a series of 5-year-anniversary dishes. Future editions will be released through 2008 - Kind of like the State Quarters but larger and more fragile....Lots of new items have been added to our Etsy site as well...

-Tracy & Justin

P.S. Hope to see you at Renegade Brooklyn!

Sunday, May 18

Miniatures on parade

Really loving the new teeny tiny series I'm working on for shows this summer! They're so small, a little under 1/2" and so dainty cute. Here are a few (okay a ton) before affixing the silver-plated bails:
Here is what they look like before firing. The animal image is on a clear piece of glass, which is overlaying a colored piece of glass to produce a nice shadow:
Some of my favorites, colorwise:

So tiny!Even smaller than a dime:

I'll be listing a few on the Etsy site in the coming weeks. But look for them in scores at the Renegade shows we're doing this summer.

Friday, May 16

Working on...

This is one of those side-projects that always seems to crop up this time of year. I'm finally finished with them and so happy with the results. About 150 dragonflies for a wedding...

Above is the "before" pic.

Going into the kiln for firing.

And the completed badges!

Wednesday, May 14

If you're in LA in July...

Support the documentary!!! We donated to the cause, check out the rest of the artists:

Tuesday, May 13

And Introducing...

This summer we're hitting the road. The long road from East coast to West. Then back again. Wanted to share our little home with you. Please keep in mind that this is the first home we've owned, so be respectful now:

Isn't she beautiful? Okay so we have some work to do before we depart on 6/10. As in we have to get a hitch installed so that our car can even tow our new house. We have grand plans to modify the thing so that it's somehow decent inside (we've spared you the interior pix), but here it is mid-May and nary a modification has been done. Happy Owl Glassworks plans to do both Renegade Brooklyn and San Francisco (our home away from home), and Scamp 13 is making this somehow possible. Wish us luck.