Monday, May 26

Past weekend, a preview of things to come

We went to visit our dear friend Gabe this weekend. He has an amazing place in Vermont, as luck would have it, and we finally got a chance to check it out firsthand. Plus it gave us an opportunity to get Maisy acquainted with the backseat:There she is, seeing the other baby in the mirror. They never get enough of themselves, those fascinating doppelgangers in the magic glass. It was a good test, and she did well. We left just before her morning nap, so she slept nicely. The fact that it was only a 3-1/2 hour trip made it pretty easy, though.

So first stop was in Burlington to see another dear friend, Adam, who would be running in the marathon the next day. We still didn't meet his mysterious girlfriend, so we'll have to keep imagining her from what Adam tells us (model, architect, very Art Vandelay-esque). It's nice to see when your friends like your offspring. Maisy wasn't quite sure of him at first, but she warmed up to the gentle giant eventually.

So here it is... Gabe's plot of land (life could be worse, eh?). House is on a hill on 20 acres, with breathtaking views of the mountains. Congrats on finding this place. We are now all sufficiently jealous.

The sunset view from the balcony:
Thanks, Gabi for a great time. Looks like life is treating you well.

Now it's off to the studio to continue stocking up for the big trip!


Meredith said...

Hi - Mystery girlfriend here! I was bummed I didn't get to meet you guys this weekend. I was very jealous looking at Adam's pix of you all having so much fun. I got the website from Gabe - your work is so beautiful! Maybe we can visit someday and I can see it all in person.


Adam said...

Hiring someone for that last comment was expensive. I am writing all future 'Meredith' posts to save money.

happyowlglass said...


Hello you "two".

Adam, I saw your Picasa photos; I didn't realize that you were such a whiz with Photoshopping! Where do you find the time?! And you developed a whole blog for "her"--seriously, get a life. ;)

...Yes hopefully we can meet sometime! Did Gabe and Adam share with you that you're the reason we made the trip to Burlington? Ah, someday...