Tuesday, December 9

Bazaar Bizarre in a nutshell

This past weekend came and went in a flash! The Boston Bazaar Bizarre proved to be great--a lot of people were unsure, being that it was in a new location (oh yeah, and that little news item... something about a recession...). But people turned out in huge numbers to shop handmade, as in years past. It was wonderful to see!
It was also nice to see old pals. We loved our location near Faythe (Handmade Nation):
Dabney (Mogo):
and of course local friend Tomoko (Tadworks):
We were among good company, though the corner we were in was so cold!!! We all tried to stay warm (note Faythe's fuzzy hat and Tomoko's scarf) whilst chatting it up with customers nonstop. It was very busy! Thank you to everyone who came out and braved the chilly weather! And additional thanks to the organizers of the show for giving us a great new venue.

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