Friday, August 21

Been a while, and could be longer...

Yes it's been a while since our last post, and that's because hecticness and time constraints of late have been more conducive to quick Facebook status updates than with all-out blog posts. I hope you forgive! We are a mere two weeks from our due date, and recently the doctor told me that I'll be going early (gulp!). I've been scrambling to get all of my orders out, and I think I'm finally caught up. But for now you should become a fan on Facebook to get all of our mini-updates if you're interested. We'll be sure to post photos once the baby arrives! Thanks a million for your patience during this busy time! :)

Cheers from the Happy Owl Glassworks family...

Sunday, August 9

Working hard

I'm in the studio a lot these days, trying my every last effort to get orders out in a timely fashion (and, more important, before the new baby arrives!). Although I used to wish this baby to come "any day now", I am now hoping to get all of our wholesale orders out that were placed at the show last weekend (retail orders fear not! I have a separate stash for you and all orders are shipping quickly!). I've made great progress this past week...

Above are a bounty of little animals destined to become badges & badge-pendants! This is just one shot of the many, many critters we've been firing. Luckily I'd stocked up on nightlights before the show, so they're ready to ship!

I digress into the bizarre signs from last weekend's BMAC show... at most of the convention center's lady's rooms I'd stumbled across these cryptic signs. Upon further glance I realized that they were maps of the restroom inside... just in case you're the type to get disoriented upon opening a door:

Thank goodness I know where those sinks are located!

I also thought this quirky "don't touch" sign was a hoot:

Hope you're enjoying your August! Now we're back to work...

Tuesday, August 4

BMAC in a nutshell

The other day I mentioned a small part of our weekend, which was the much-anticipated viewing of the documentary, Handmade Nation. Loved it! I've known Faythe for years (incredibly it's been since '04), and it's wonderful to see the result of her hard work. And surprisingly Happy Owl Glass (moi) didn't make the cutting room floor! You can see me make some badges in the beginning of the film, intercut with other interviews. Boy I was young then! Afterward Faythe had a q&a, here she is in all her q&a glory:

Faythe and I before the screening:

The always-fun gals from Art Star before the screening, who were there peddling the Handmade Nation book and supporting the film:

Thanks to Art Star and the BMAC show for hosting and helping out. It was great to see the turnout, Faythe said there were over 200 that showed up!

Over the course of the weekend, we also met a few people who we're happy to call new friends. Beth and Greg, of Freshie and Zero, have the sense of humor similar to our oldest friends, so we hit it off quickly. Also met the nice gals (and a fella) over at the New York Etsy Street Team. And we saw some familiar faces, like Elijah over at Figs & Ginger and Kelly of Biggs and Featherbelle.

All in all it was a great show. We acquired lots of new retailers (always a good goal) and took a few re-orders. We're relatively new to the wholesale show "scene", but we're getting the hang of it!

Monday, August 3

Philly: looking for our camera adapter...

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend with the big show and a screening of the film, Handmade Nation. We were thrilled to be a part of this fantastic documentary, and to be able to see the final product--with Faythe, the filmmaker, present--was a treat. Everyone was so inspiring!!!

Unfortunately we haven't located our camera adapter (we probably left it at home, oops), so we'll get photos up tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks to all the people who turned out to view it, and to Art Star and the BMAC show for hosting.